Tuberculosis Testing

TB skin test are given every day of the week then clinic is open except on Thursdays. Free medication and follow-up is also provided.

Blood Sugar & Blood Pressure Monitoring

Available on a walk-in basis.

Cholesterol Screening

Available by appointment. Minimal charges do apply.

Pregnancy Testing

Available on a walk-in basis. Charges apply.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Testing, treatment, education programs and follow-ups are provided. Other testing is available by referral.

Lead Screening

Available for children aged six months to six years by appointment.

Family Planning

Provides examination of the female reproductive system, breast exams, pap test, various methods of birth control, education, and referrals. Provided by a Registered Nurse Practitioner to women 13 years aof age and older.

Show-Me Health Women

Women age 35 and older can receive pap test, pelvic, and breast exam (mammogram @ age 50). Financial guidelines apply.


Referrals to appropriate agencies for health care are provided to residents whose special needs can not be met by the Stoddard County Public Health Center.